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Why 123 Ranking?

We realise that understanding complex SEO techniques and processes requires extensive research. Running a business doesn’t leave much time for this, which is why we don’t like to complicate things further.

We prefer to keep things simple. That’s we decided to share some of the SEO results we’re recently earned right here. After all, a picture may be worth a thousand words, but numbers simply don’t lie.

The SEO industry itself is naturally one of the most competitive niches on search engines, and it requires years of experience to appear in the first top 10 results. These spots are coveted because they offer real proof – if any company can get themselves to the top, they can do it for you too.

Below you’ll find a screenshot showing our recent positions for 123 Ranking, and as you can see, we’re happy with our progress!

We understand what is important to you: results.

Not only have we secured great results for ourselves, but of course we’ve been maintaining relationships with many of our clients for years through consistently achieving great results. We’ve also been getting results fast for brand new customers.

Top 10 for some of the screen printing industry’s most competitive keywords

A Google search for "cheap screen printers" brings up nearly 4.2 million results, but over the course of a year we got the number one position. We simultaneously earned top 10 positions for many other highly competitive terms in this niche.

Top 10 in the highly competitive mobile phone case market

Highly competitive keyword up 159 places in six months

Top three results in just a few months

Top 10 results for a local campaign

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